The shipping rates below apply to customers in the UK. But we do have the ability to dispatch to Europe and US markets as well. Please get in touch for a quote before placing your order to ensure delivery is charged correctly.

We are working we suppliers in the UK, US and Italy. Please read the description of each item to know where the item is shipped from. We are currently working with suppliers in the USA to bring the farmhouse southern charm home decor style to the UK, some products like cushion covers are printed on-demand and that will take about a week for dispatching and another 2 weeks for delivery.

Our products that are dispatched from the UK, orders are aimed to be dispatched within 2 business days, ideally the next working day. Delivery will be within 3 to 5 business days. But due to Covid-19, we are still experimenting with delays but we appreciate your patience and for being a loyal customer.

Our preferred way of payment is PayPal, for an expedite dispatching of your order. If you use another form of payment during checkout your order might take longer to dispatch. 

The estimated delivery time will vary a bit depending on the courier service used to dispatch your order and also if your products are dispatched from the UK, US or Italy. You might receive more than one parcel for your order. 

For orders with more than one product group as shown below, the shipping charge will be once for each group.

You will receive an email or text with a more accurate delivery time and tracking number if applicable after your order has been dispatched.

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If you need more information about delivery time and fees for other countries, please contact us through the contact form below, before placing your order.


The Pallet House may use our own or 3rd party delivery company to deliver your goods to the address specified. We may send information that you have provided to a 3rd party to assist delivery only. This will include addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers and the type of goods you have ordered. Please ensure we are supplied with precise information. Once the goods have been passed to the 3rd party then The Pallet House will be unable to affect the delivery time. Delivery times may be indicated in tracking notifications sent to you by the 3rd party and it is your responsibility to communicate any potential issues with the delivery company. The Pallet House will in no way be held responsible for any delivery delays that arise once in the hands of the 3rd party. Please ensure that you provide a safe and clean environment for the delivery company.

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