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With so many Interior Design Trends to incorporate in our home every year, sometimes its difficult to choose which one you should apply to your space and how many trends could you have at one room. You don't have to redecorate your whole room but subtle nods to the latest trends can keep your space looking and feeling fresh.

Keep reading to find out about all Interior Design Trends for 2022 and which one are my favourites and how to choose your favourites and apply them to your space.

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The Trends experts are talking about

My favourites trends this year

How to choose and apply your favourites


The trends experts are talking about

There are 7 Interior Design Trends for this year popping up everywhere: green shades, warm neutral scheme, layers of texture, curved lines, mixing vintage & new, Biophilic design and buying local & sustainable sourced furnishings.

To be honest I would like to incorporate all of them to my spaces, because they all mix and match perfectly, but let's not get to our heads and go for less is more here. Let's have a look into each one of them, then I will choose 3 of my favourites and then I will help you choose your favourites too.

Image credit: Lick

Many shades of green

With the Covid-19 pandemic many activities were moved outside and now we tend to bring in the outside not just with plants (Biophilic Design) but also with colour.

Many paint companies have chosen at least one or two shades of green to be part of their top trend colours of the 2022 collection.

As a colour that brings calm and comfort by reminding us of the nature and our need to connect with it, green can refresh your space and keep us grounded and relaxed with our place and life.

Image credit: Little Greene

Warm Neutral Scheme

Last year Dulux colour of the year was Brave Ground, a rich, warm neutral with earthy tones that gives us the feeling of stability, growth and potential. Who doesn't want that to continue into our lives after all this shake up in our world?

Applying warm neutral colour including tan, taupe, camel and rusty into the space will foster a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Mix them with creams, beiges and nudes to go towards a warm direction into our lives.

Credit: melaniejadedesign

Biophilic Design

This is the one everyone is talking about on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. It's on the Pinterest Predict Trends report for 2022.

This is not just about a vase with cut down flowers or some herbs pots on the window sill. This is about larger pots of plants, handing baskets, plant-covered walls, small pots on shelves and bookcase, unique installations and also about adding natural materials and colours that will subconsciously comfort us and unite us with the nature.

Credit: kayyayy__

Layers of Textures

I love this trend. What better feeling than cozying up on the sofa surrounded by cushions, blankets and a nice touch rug under our feet?

But texture doesn't stop there. Sofa, table, baskets, plants, lighting, decor items, everything has a texture and when you create a scheme with varying textures you come up with a space that is visually interesting and more appealing to see it and live on it.

Credit: Daniel Valle Architects

Curved appeal

Curves and softer lines in Interior Design gives us also a sense of comfort and calm as opposed to sharp edges and straight lines.

The whole world is just coming out of a health and economic crisis. We are looking for softer interactions with the things around us to create a calmer and safer place.

You can have curves in architectural structures, like a wall, or a curved sofa, or archways and round accessories and furniture.

Credit: @alyssaanncarterr

Old + New

The juxtaposition of old and new creates a space that has been lived in, even when you just bought a house and have recently decorated.

When I've started my business back in 2014, it was a furniture upcycling business. I love the idea of bringing a vintage piece back to life and giving another lease. You are not just being sustainable conscious but also you are also bringing some characters to the space that you usually won't be able to find in a new furniture.

It's the one of a kind idea that will distinguish your home from your neighbour's, because you are going to have one piece of furniture that nobody else will have.

Image credit: Chloe Bolton (Unsplash)

Local and Sustainable Sourced Furnishings

Buy local and sustainable from your local artisans and small business. Specially now after this world pandemic, many local business needs our support to restart and thrive. And you get your items faster as you don't need to wait for a delivery coming from the other side of the globe. Less carbon footprint.

My favourite trends this year

It's hard to choose only 3 favourites, because all of them could be well applied together to a room without any problems, but I would say that if I was going to design a room today in my home I would pick warm neutral scheme, because I'm already into neutral colour palette lately, then I would mix old and new because I always like to have the juxtaposition of them into a space and also because of the wear and tear that makes them unique, and finally I would pick buying local because we have to support local and small business and also leave smaller carbon footprint behind to help the environment.

How to choose and apply your favourites

Now that you have learned about all these amazing trends for this year, it's time for you to choose a couple or a few of them to apply to your space. The ones I have chosen is not just because they are trend but also because I like or believe on the idea behind it.

First choose the ones that your have affinity with and that you like it in terms of style. Example; if the trend involves colour, you need to like the colour scheme the trend is suggesting to apply to your space. It's not because something is trend means that you must have even if you detest. Let's say, if you don't like green, why on earth would you choose a green paint that is so trendy right now?

The trend that you choose must add up to what you already have in the space and make you feel happy with the choice and must elevate the style of the room. Not the other way around. Trends are seasonal, which also gives you the opportunity to try something new or something that you don't feel confident enough but that you want to give it a go. If you don't like it, paint it over, change it back or try something else. Nothing is definite in design and you can always experiment something different with the trends without compromising too much.

Now, if you would like to try that new Sage Green paint from Lick, click here to place your order or if you need help to create a full colour scheme with the warm neutral tones or any colour scheme for that matter. Please get in touch by filling up our inquiry form.

If you want to read more about neutral colour palette, head to our post Neutral Colour Palette Inspiration or if you need help to create a whole design scheme for you room, have a look at our eDesign Packs.

You can leave your comments or questions below and I will be happy to answer. Have a great weekend.

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