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I will be launching a series of Pre-styled mood boards showcasing 7 styles in Interior Design that has been on-trend in the last couple of years or more and will continue strong from 2020 and beyond.

Before I start I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. My interest in Interior Design started back in 1998 when I’ve got married and had to decorate my own place for the first time. I was living in Brazil at the time and Interior Design wasn’t a career that people would think about pursuing, and courses in Interior Design in Brazil were few and expensive, and I was only able to start my first training in Interior Decorating in 2005 when I was living in Toronto, Canada.

It’s been 15 years since I did that first program in Interior Decorating and that course was the foundation of my path in Interior Design and I still remember all the classes that I took and how it gave me the basics to develop my skills and get a further qualification.

Today I have a Foundation Degree in Interior Design by Staffordshire University (UK) and I am studying my top-up year to get a BA in Interior Design with a major in Design for Outdoor Living that I will hopefully be finishing this year.

I’ve started my own business in furniture up-cycling in 2014 and then expanded the business with an online store for new furniture, lighting, accessories and Interior Design consultation. When I’ve started with my business I’ve always wanted to offer Interior design services online, e-design, but never got the chance to get the idea out of paper to practice, but now with the current global situation, there is no better time to help people that are home and with a greater need to improve their space and home office too.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this week I will launch a series of Pre-styled mood boards showcasing 7 Interior Design styles: Farmhouse, Industrial, Boho chic, Mid-century Modern, Scandinavian (hygge), Coastal and the Modern Classic. Each week I will come up with mood boards with inspirations and furnishings for a design scheme for a Living room.

Image credit top row from left: Joanna Gaines, Apartment Therapy, Pinterest.

Middle row from left: Overstock, Bidgood & Co.

Bottom row from left: Lily Pad Cottage, Savills

I will talk about the key elements of each style and what to incorporate in your own home to achieve the same style with your own personal touch. With this series, I will bring to you information and inspirations to re-decorate your home and make it a better place. As we are spending more time indoors, better say all our time indoors, so it’s really important to feel happy, accomplished and safe in our own homes.

The first style I will talk about this week will be the Farmhouse, my favourite, so if you wish to read all about this style or about all of the other ones, please follow my blog, so you can receive notifications when the post is up. If you would like to have a talk about some Interior Design dilemmas you are facing at the moment, please reach out, by replying to this post or through the contact form on my website, click here to get you there.

Stay Safe and stay home if you can

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