Whether you have a few days or a couple of hours, these mini decorating projects will refresh the essential room in your home.

Bathrooms are usually neglected and let for last when comes to #design and #decorating a home. We tend to think that is the room that is less important, but the place that we refresh our body definitely deserve some attention. With the following mini projects and inspirations I'm certain that you will feel encourage to roll up the sleeves and start your next diy.

Weekend Project: Panelling the walls

“Panelling is not just for traditional houses, you can have panelling in a pretty modern way and give your walls a new level of design touch”

The English Panelling Company is a great supplier of ready-made panelling that are easy to install and comes in different styles. The one in the left is the Georgian Panelling which mimics the Butt & Bead joint. With different heights and groove spacing I'm sure there will be one that will fit your space and style.

The Middle picture is from Amanda Neils Interiors and she used the Jacobean Panelling from The English Panelling Company as well. These square panels can be added as many as you want to create the perfect height. The panelling is traditional, but the general style of the #bathroom is quite contemporary, but the result created was a perfect match.

The image on the right is from blogger Jo, from lifewithholly blog and she decided to create her own custom panelling for the bathroom. Read her post tutorial on how she made it with simple steps and a bit of patience. I would suggest you to use moisture-resistant MDF and finish with eggshell paint to protect against the odd splash. But I wouldn't recommend to use in the very wet area like inside the shower, but close to a bathtub would be fine as long as you add a layer of varnish for a little extra protection.

Afternoon updates: Wallpaper or stencilling

If you don't have the whole weekend to update your bathroom, but only a couple of hours, don't fret because that is enough to apply wallpaper on a whole wall and create a beautiful focal point or you could stencil plain tiles or bath panels to create some visual interesting and patterns.

Bold wallpaper pattern for bathroom has been a thing for while and now is your chance to use your creativity and choose daring patterned wallpaper that you probably wouldn't feel confident enough to use in bigger spaces like living room or bedroom. That's your chance to be bold and brave. If you end up no liking it, you can always remove and start over. The best thing about small space is that you won't waste too much money because the amount of materials used is quite little.

For stencilling first you need to prep the surface by using a degreasing cleaner such as sugar soap to remove all dirty and grease. Then you will need a ready made stencil that you can buy at Etsy or Amazon, or you can cut your own if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine. Place the stencil on the surface and secure temporarily with masking tape while you apply paint with a small brush or roller. If you are creating a design with many colours, let each colour touch dry before applying the next one, or you could speed up the process by using a hairdryer. Then to finish up apply a coat of varnish and let it dry. Allow your design to cure for about 14 days and avoid touching or scratching it during this time. See some amazing stencil project below.

If you have more then a weekend: Tile it

“Be original, show off your style, by adding pattern and colour to bring in some serious refresh to your bathroom.”

For this mid-sized project, you don't have to change all the sanitary ware of your bathroom, just replace the tiles and you will see a huge improvement and difference in style and mood.

The options are endless for tiles, for every taste and budget there are so many amazing tile options these days. You can choose to tile only your shower area or you could tile also the area behind the sink, but they don't have to be the same tile pattern, you could use different pattern but within the same colour scheme to create an interesting visual.

If you are new to tiling there are plenty of video tutorials online that explain the step by step of the process, whether you will be laying over existing tiles or removing the old ones and starting from scratch. Let the tile adhesive dry for 24 hours before grouting and preferably use a flexible epoxy grout such as Mapei Anti-mould flexible grout 5kg, £17,75 at B&Q This type of grout will help avoid cracks and prevent mould and stains over time.

Get Inspired

To start working on your projects and to get more inspiration you can use Pinterest for ideas and you can create your own board with images that inspire you to apply on your next bathroom makeover. Good luck!