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How to create a neutral colour scheme for your bathroom inspired by the Dulux colour of the year 2021 Brave Ground that will feel like a spa.

White bathroom, white tiles, wood floor, contemporary, natural elements, baskets,
Neutral colour scheme for a spa feel bathroom, image credit: Wix

When it comes to redesign a room, or just redecorated with a new colour scheme, bathrooms usually are not the first room that comes to mind. Usually are left for last because we always have in our minds that bathroom is just a place to do our basics and clean up our bodies, right?

“Do you wish your bath was more like a spa? Where you can soak up in a deep bathtub and relax with soothing sounds and relaxing smells of candles and fragrances?”

I would love my bath was like that too because I would lock myself inside and have an amazing me time that would relax my body and calm my soul.

What if you don't have a bathroom like that?

No worries, because you can give a spa feel to any bathroom with a few tips, tricks and declutter. One of the major problems in bathroom are the mess of dirty clothes, wet towels and an array of shampoo, shower gels, soaps, etc. But you might say, these are all normal stuffs that we will have in the bathroom every day, how are we going to eliminate them? Not eliminate, but conceal in a beautiful fashion way and I will show you how.


  1. Remove all empty and almost empty bottles of shampoo, shower gel, etc from your bathroom. Also those products that you bought to try out and didn't like it, it's time to get rid off of them.

  2. Sort out all your make up and skin care products that you have in the cabinet and only keep those that are usable and you like it. Expired ones and those that you don't use anymore just bin them.

  3. If you have medicine cabinet in your bathroom is good to sort through them as well, and eliminate everything that is expired.

  4. Sort through your laundry and wet towels and put them to wash. If you have too many mismatched towels, now is time to consider buying new sets.

  5. Empty your trash bin.

Evaluate your bathroom design

If you have the budget now to redesign your bathroom, then it's a good point to start from the basics. Evaluate the layout of the bathroom and try to find the best solution for your family needs. At these stage of design, storage must be added to the plan to take the best advantage of the space you have and how to use it effectively.

Think vertical storage solution, like built in cabinets from floor to ceiling, over the toilet, and also the cabinet under the sink can be very practical if planned effectively. Choose deep drawers opposed to doors as they are easy to store and reach the things inside. Shelves tend to accumulate products in the back that is hard to reach and easy to forget.

I won't go at every details of a bathroom design here because there are so much to talk about and that will be for another post, but if you are design a new bathroom, choose white tiles for the shower/bath walls and paint the other walls in white as well to have a clean crispy feeling.

For the flooring a light colour or white tiles are also a very practical solution, but if you would like to have a warmer feel I would suggest luxury vinyl flooring in wood effect, if you don't want to used real wood flooring. The luxury vinyl flooring from Karndean are the best on the market because they have a variety of finishing and they are waterproof, easy to clean, durable and comfortable. You can walk bare foot and won't feel cold like tiles.

Now, lets get to the colour scheme

white bathroom with neutral accessories, wood flooring, beige paint colour, fluffy neutral towels, white and beige natural elements
Bathroom colour scheme mood board for a soothing spa feel

If you are luck to have a blank canvas bathroom with mostly white walls and floor, then you just have to change the accessories. Get a new set of towels in beige, cream or white colour. Replace your plastic hand soap dispenser for a glass one. Add a nice wooden or metal tray to your vanity (if you have the space) to corral some other products and keep the countertop tidy and clean. Add a floor plant for a bit a greenery and natural elements (faux greenery is valid too).

On the wall add some open shelves is warm wood tones, where you can have baskets to storage toilet paper, extra hand towels and products that you don't use often. Leave some space on the shelves for a vase, candles and decorative objects.

Add some wooden hooks instead of metal to soften the cold feeling of the bathroom by bringing in some warm natural elements.

It's all in the detail that makes a huge difference, by changing all your generic plastic products bottle for a set of ones in the same colour or matching colour scheme. We don't eliminate the basic necessities or hide it away but we conceal them and turn them into beautiful accessories that are delightful to see it every day.

Do you need help to redesign your bathroom? Head to our Design Service pages to find out more about our eDesign packs.

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