Is your home looking a bit blunt? Don't worry, I've got you covered. Here are 7 fabulous ways with greenery for you to fill your home with a bit of the outdoors. Biophilic design is the movement now.

Window sill with a beautiful display of houseplants and greenery
Image credit: Ikea

The #Biophilic design trend is growing everyday and now with the Spring finally here we feel even more the need to bring the #greenery inside. The indoor plants, not just quickly brighten up any room, but they can also help us relax giving us a sense of peace and calm, uplift our mood and help reduce the feeling of anxiety, as well as improve creativity and boost productivity. Some can even purify the air. Let's go and spread the green throughout the house for a better living.

“When we bring plants into our home, we reap the benefits in our body, mind and soul.” --- Chanel de Kock

Sleep tight

Modern bedroom with a relaxing feel with plants
Image credit: Soak & Sleep

A research by the Royal Horticultural Society suggests that indoor plants can improve the air quality in our homes while reduces the stress levels giving a more restful night's sleep. The good choice plants for bedrooms are aloe vera, bamboo palms, lavender, jade plant and peace lily, while the best flowers would be jasmine and chrysanthemum, all with air purifying benefits. Place them on your bedside table or on top of a chest of drawers or even on the floor if you wish and you will reap the benefits of a good night's sleep.

Make a green gathering

Sideboard with houseplants display
Image credit: Prudence Earl

Create an eclectic collection by choosing a wonderfully jungle mix of #houseplants that varies in size, leaf shapes and colours. But when you create your clustering go for plants that thrive in similar conditions (sun worshipers, shade lovers, etc) so it will make it easier to care and maintain them together. Plants love company, so the more the merrier. Make an impact with a stunning #display of mixture of hanging and trailing plants then complements with #monochrome accessories for a style master.

Zen bath routine

“Plant and flowers create a welcome space and bring peace and quite, perfect to relax and soak in your bathtub.”

Zen modern bathroom with plants
Image credit: Unsplash

By their very nature, #bathrooms are humid, the perfect environment for warmth-loving plants such as orchids, ivy, ferns, tropical monstera and palms. If your bathroom is white or has a light colour scheme with #contemporary accents, it will create a zen atmosphere. Plants and flowers can create a welcoming space bringing instant peace and quiet to your bathroom, so you can relax while you soak in the bath.

Group of succulents plants
Image by Jackie Tsang (Unsplash)

Succulents galore

With a great variety of succulents and cactus, they are perfect for grouping together in display on a shelf or window sill. Mix the size, height, texture and colour for a beautiful organic thrown-together vibe, and compliment the ensemble with similar pots and vases for unity. Potted succulents are easy to care and maintain as they are able to grow in most indoor environments with minimal care. If you are the type that sometimes forget to water the plants, succulents are your perfect match. If you want to try growing your own succulents this succulent kits are perfect to start

Hanging around one or a few

Indoor hanging plants over the window
Credit: Unsplash

Plants look good anywhere you put them, even hanging from a hook. Suspend one or two in front of a window or a few more if you wish to create a green screen for some privacy. If you want to hang in the kitchen you can even add a few pots with herbs that you can pick and add to your dishes. For great visual appeal group them together but in different heights that will drawn your eyes to the whole display. Good plants for hanging are strings of hearts, trailing ferns, and delicate ivy.

Single stems

Display in window sill of single stems in glass vases
Credit: Pinterest

An alternative to whole plants you can also place single stems, fronds or lucky bamboo spiral (Dracaena) in a selection of glass vases for a striking display. They are easy to refresh and regularly change even during the winter and you will always have some simple but yet striking greenery all year around.

Lone rangers

Large bird of parade plant
Credit : Beards & Daisies

Do you have an empty corner or blank wall that needs something? Place a single giant leafy plant to create a style statement and architectural interest. A