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The bohemian style is a laidback, casual, natural and bright atmosphere that will make your home come to life.

A great mix of texture, colour, and natural materials gives warmth and coziness that will make your guests feel at home. It brings the cheeky and fun of the hippie and the best thing, there are no rules. You just have to embrace that absolutely everything goes.

The modern boho chic style is eclectic with a great emphasis on vintage and ethnic furniture and accessories that will look amazing mixed with mid-century modern furniture. To help you achieve the best modern bohemian style I have gathered some essentials pieces and steps to help embrace this popular decor style.

Essential items on a boho style

  1. Cushions, throws and blankets, chose a variety of colour and texture

  2. Rugs: orientals are best, but you can also mix them with graphic pattern rugs

  3. Indoor plants: placed in different pots, holders and hangers

  4. Wall hangings: not just about art, but also prints, postcards, objects, tapestries, album covers, etc..

  5. Use vintage pieces

  6. Keep it casual

1 – The best friends on a boho style are cushions. A great selection of them will make the rooms feel cozy, welcome, relaxed but also chic. Add as much different texture and colour as possible, but always try to keep some cohesiveness, but selecting a colour scheme first.

All 3 examples above have the same elements (varied texture, wall decor and plants) essential to the boho style. But each one has a different colour scheme. The picture far left has a bright colour scheme with the oriental rugs, colourful arts and bright selection of cushions. The living room in the middle is very soothing with the pastels and neutral colours, but the texture, plants and different materials are there. The picture on the right shows a very natural neutral colour scheme full of camel, beiges and browns, but it is rich in texture with the table, sofa, floor cushions and rug.

The bright colour scheme from the Ikea selection below is toned down by using some neutral elements on the throws and basketry.

2 – Another important design element in the bohemian style are rugs. You can use an eclectic rug to brighten the space up or use an oriental rug for a classical bohemian style. A great choice would be an old Persian rug and if it’s small you can mix with an extra-large eclectic one for a beautiful textured mix.

3 – Indoor plants are a must for a boho look. Use a selection of bright, lively and textured plants to bring life to a room. Chose different plant holders, ceramic pots and hangers for a variety of height into the scheme. Don’t forget to create a breathable and relaxed atmosphere place the plants with the right distribution into space.

4 – In the boho style is very important to decorate your walls with art because the empty wall doesn’t go with bohemian style. But when I say art, is not just about an actual art, it can be anything that catches your attention and you like it. From art, postcards, photographs, tapestry, macrame wall hanging which are very hippie, and also album covers. Anything you like and enjoy that shows your personality can go to your wall. You don’t need an Interior Designer here to show exactly what to buy, just go with your instincts and use your artistic side to chose what really makes you smile and feel happy about it.

5 – The perfect combination for the boho style is the mid-century modern, especially if you are able to buy or you have inherited an original one. Search for unique items such as a retro chair, sofas, sideboards, arc lamps and table. Adding vintage pieces to your home will add a stylish look to the whole scheme.

6 – Last but not least, keep it casual. The key element of the boho home is the relaxed feel to it. Think floor cushion, comfy seats to create spaces that encourage conversation, relaxation and reading. Keep things natural and work with balance by adding a variety of heights, shapes, objects and materials. Show your individual personality by adding that unique personal touch.

If you still feel that you need a bit of help to put together your boho home, please have a look at our e-design services on our website. We offer custom Interior e-design packages in 3 budgets to fit any pocket.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to have help from a professional Interior Designer.

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