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A Guide to preparing your living room for this Fall lockdown by changing the colour scheme, a few accessories and lighting to create the perfect mood.

Leaves falling, colour changing and cooler weather makes the Fall my favourite season of the year. With a second lockdown starting from tomorrow, lets warm up the living spaces to make our home cosy and relaxed for our indoor living. I love the natural colour scheme from the Fall season that you can bring in to create a cosy, warm and home sweet home. The proximity with the Holiday season, Autumn gives the start-up for the festivity that comes next.

When I think about Autumn the first things that come to mind are the contrasts of rustic metal items, distressed and rustic wood, natural soft fabrics, the colours of nature, seating by the fire with a bowl of pumpkin soap and the feel of a relaxed farmhouse look. But, you don’t need all this elements together to create the relaxed farmhouse fall look, just a few key items will do the trick. Searching online this week I was able to find some wonderful items that can bring the cozy, rustic and warm look of a farmhouse for this fall lockdown.

Nothing bits a warm throw and soft cushions to create coziness in your living room. For a neutral subtle colour scheme, chose nature inspired colour such as beige, brown, green and yellow and only add a hint of orange and red if you wish. It’s not because it’s Autumn you must fill your home with orange items. Creating a neutral scheme will make easier to transitioning from Autumn to Winter without changing the whole decor again.

Top row: Zara Home EXTRA SOFT TOUCH BLANKET £29.99, Ikea ANTOINETTA throw £15, HM wool blanket £59.99, bottom row: HM Velvet cushion cover £6.99, Zara Home Boucle cushion cover £19.99 – £29.99, Amazon 2pk soft corduroy cushion cover £12.99

Distressed, worn out wood in small items like frames and wooden signs are a great addition to bring in the rustic feel of the farmhouse without being overwhelming. You can even make your own sign with a piece of pine wood, wood stain and black paint, and it’s also a great DIY project for the lockdown.

Top: Wood sign plaque from The Pallet House or you can make your own.

Left: Fall sign from Etsy £46

Right: The Pallet House Rustic framed botanical print £37.45

For a live element, the greenery, faux or real, will bring the outside in. There are many faux greenery option online for home delivery, but if you prefer real greenery you can buy at your local supermarket, flower shop or garden centre, just keep in mind that most stores will be closing down from tomorrow, so the faux options online would be a better solution for the moment.

From left: Faux Autumn Eucalyptus from The Pallet House £6, Faux Autumn White Hydrangea from The Pallet House £13.50, Autumn Wreath from Amazon £19

Don’t forget the lighting to set the mood for coziness. A table lamp by the sofa or a floor lamp at the corner of the room will bring accent lighting to create a soft ambient for relaxing, talking and gathering.

From left: Wooden Tripod table lamp, Spotlight table lamp and Adjustable floor lamp, all from TPH

Other items that you can add to bring more of the Fall season are pumpkins (real or fake), I love these white ones from Amazon (below left) that you can use to decorate your fireplace mantle, a centrepiece or bookcase/shelves. We are not talking about Halloween here, but the Fall season. You could paint them in different shades of oranges, greens and beiges to bring more of the Autumn colours. The bunting (below middle) also from Amazon is a great way to make your home more festive too. Then you can add or change your current rug for a neutral one, like this one from Amazon Brand Movian (below right), that will transition great into the winter decor. The rug also brings softness and warmness to the space.

From left: White fake pumpkin for decor from Amazon £12.99, Autumn bunting from Amazon £7.69, Rug from Amazon Brand Movian from £80.99

For the final touch add a large woven basket filled with blankets and throws to have them ready for you to snug on the sofa. Bring in some candles with Autumn scents and a stack of books. Waterstone just announced their Book of the Year Shortlist. Then you are ready to relax and even enjoy the lockdown in the comfortable of your living room.

The online stores listed below will continue shipping orders during lockdown, place your orders 24/7 for home delivery or click and collect if available.

The Pallet House (TPH) (framed print, wood sign, greenery, lighting)

Amazon (corduroy cushion, wreath, faux pumpkins, bunting, rug)

Ikea (throw, basket)

TKMaxx (candle)

Etsy (Fall sign)

HM (wool blanket, velvet cushion)

Zara Home (blanket, boucle cushion)

Waterstones (books)

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