Sustainable furniture

With sustainability in mind, we create furniture and home accessories with salvage materials like pallets, timber, cable reels, pipes, etc. We will use whatever can be re-used and repurposed to transform into a beautiful piece of furniture or home accessories.

Our main product in this line is the pallet dining table where we worked out a new layout to keep the same structure of the pallet but in a dining table size. We also incorporated a shelf under the top where plates, cutlery, cookery books and even wine can be stored. One furniture with double duty.

Complementing this line we also have, media center, coffee table, wine rack, shelves, coasters, table lamp, serving tray, bookcase and many more to come. With this line in mind our goals are to bring furniture and accessories made of salvage materials that would otherwise end up on land fill sites. Sustainability is not only on producing eco products but also on reuse and repurpose what is already here.

If you would like to order any custom made furniture made of pallets or salvage wood, please get in touch bellow.