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Services sessions

Due to COVID-19 and the practice of social distancing, all our in person consultation services are suspended, please see our Interior e-Design Services Page for other options for our Interior Design Service

Interior Design Consultation

What to expect from each session?

At our Interior Design Consultation, we will talk and discuss with you about your needs and goals for the room, your style and your budget. We will give your ideas to rearrange furniture, space planning, colour scheme and furnishings products.

Each session is for one room only, if you have more than one room to redesign, we will book a following session after the first one.

Within a week after the session, you will receive by email a digital mood board and an itemized list of the products with prices and where to purchase them, so you can execute the design yourself. But if you prefer to continue working with us we can execute the design, order all products and materials and arrange trades for painting and refinishing. We will discuss this at the beginning of our first session.

Home De-clutter & Organisation

What to expect from each session?

On our first meeting, we will talk about your challenges to keep things organised and how to overcome your organising challenges by offering support, focus and direction on a step-by-step process. 

If you choose Consultation only, I will guide, encourage and educate you on how to overcome your organizing challenges. If you choose Hands-on Services, I will work alongside you to create a plan to help you put the processes and systems in place, giving you the skills and tools you need to reduce stress and banish that awful feeling of being overwhelmed.

In each session we will tackle one part of your home, you can choose, Wardrobe & Closets to tackle everything related to clothing, shoes and fashion accessories. Or you can choose Kitchen/Bathroom/Laundry or Living room/Study/Home Office or Garage/Outdoor spaces. Each session will depend on how big is each room and the amount of stuff you have in each room. We will discuss this in our first meeting. 

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