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About us

As far as I can remember I've always loved Interior Design, home decor, home organization and fashion & beauty. I'm also a very hands-on person when comes to arts & crafts. I like to crochet, to draw & paint, to bullet journaling and to use planners and tools to keep me organized and on track of my goals.

In my family, I'm the one they ask for tips and ideas about home organization and design. I'm always keen to help everybody to keep their personal lives organized too.

I'm also a qualified Interior Design with a passion for vintage retro furniture and farmhouse style. Working with a sustainable approach, my aim is to develop furniture and home accessories with salvage materials like pallets, timber, cable reels and any other materials to achieve an industrial modern rustic look, while still working with vintage furniture to given them a new lease of life as well and bringing them to the 21st century with a modern visual look that will work with any decor.

With this approach and ideas, The Pallet House was born in 2014 to offer the following products and services:

  • Up-cycled vintage furniture
  • Sustainable furniture design
  • New furniture and home furnishings
  • Interior Design consultation
  • Colour scheme and furnishings consultation
  • Home de-clutter and organisation

Please go to Book an appointment to book an Interior Design Consultation or Home Organization session.

Vintage up-cycled furniture and sustainable furniture design are temporarily on hold. For new furniture and home furnishings please browse our online shop for the latest products.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Monica Maestrelo