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Space Planning + Pre-Styled Mood Boards

Space Planning + Pre-Styled Mood Boards

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Space Planning is a fundamental element of the Interior Design process. I will get an in-depth analysis on how you intend to use your space and then draw up a plan for each zone and the activities that will take place in those zones.

With this package, I will not only plan the use of the space but also select and estimate the materials and trade services to install them based on the budget and the Pre-styled mood boards of your choice. This is not custom design but gives you the extra of a custom space planning, floor plan drawings and the help to estimate surface materials for flooring and walls without any waste.

It's very common people buying more materials than they need and wasting money with a surplus of materials that usually you will not be able to return. Materials like tile, wood flooring, carpet, paint, wallpaper, etc. you might either end up with too much or not enough, which is also not good. A professional estimate helps you save money and time.

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Pre-Styled Mood Boards £100
If custom design isn't in your budget then these packages are perfect for you.
This package I will handpick every item for your room and the package include mood board, sample board, floor plan drawings, 3d visuals, shopping list with links for online shopping and step by step instruction for you to pull together the design scheme. I also include one round of revisions to your design.
Everything from above, except the 3d visuals.


If you are interested in In-Person Interior Design consultation with our project management included please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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